Seamless Protection, Long-lasting Resistance to Friction and Corrosion

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Seamless Protection, Long-lasting Resistance to Friction and Corrosion

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Seamless Protection, Long-lasting Resistance to Friction and Corrosion

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Low Evaporation Loss, Long-lasting Lubrication in High-Temperature Conditions

The low evaporation losses and long-lasting lubrication capability of HPG-X grease under high temperature conditions make it ideal for many industrial and machinery applications. Its ability to provide long-lasting lubrication in harsh conditions protects equipment from friction, wear and corrosion, extending equipment life and increasing productivity.


Ensure a clean work area and remove old lubricant and debris.
Directly apply an appropriate amount of HPG-X lubricant to the desired areas, ensuring even coverage.
Spread the lubricant evenly using a brush or fingers, ensuring thorough coverage in all areas.
Verify lubrication effectiveness and coverage, ensuring all necessary areas are properly lubricated. Reapply if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What applications is HPG-X lubricant suitable for?

A: HPG-X lubricant is suitable for various industrial and mechanical applications, including bearings, gears, chains, sliding components, and more.

Q: What is the effective temperature range of HPG-X lubricant?

A: HPG-X lubricant remains effective in extreme temperatures, typically ranging from -40°C to as high as 200°C.

Q: Is HPG-X lubricant waterproof?

A: Yes, HPG-X lubricant exhibits excellent waterproof properties, allowing it to work effectively in wet and underwater environments, providing long-lasting lubrication and protection.

Q: Does HPG-X lubricant have antioxidant properties?

A: Yes, HPG-X lubricant is formulated with high-performance antioxidants to resist oxidation and aging, maintaining the performance and stability of the lubricant.

Q: What are the advantages of NanoClearKit compared to traditional glass repair methods?

A: HPG-X lubricant is generally compatible with many common lubricants. However, it is advisable to perform compatibility testing before mixing to ensure no adverse reactions or performance degradation.

Q: How often should HPG-X lubricant be reapplied?

A: The frequency of reapplication depends on the application environment and operating conditions. It is generally recommended to follow the equipment manufacturer's recommendations and regularly inspect the equipment to determine the reapplication schedule.

Q: Does HPG-X lubricant provide corrosion protection?

A: Yes, HPG-X lubricant offers excellent corrosion protection, safeguarding metal surfaces against corrosion and oxidation, thereby extending equipment life.

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